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Corporate Profile

A.S.A.P. Freight Systems, Inc., located in Valley Stream, New York, is a privately held forwarding company that specializes in international shipping. A.S.A.P. management has, collectively, over 88 years of experience in the industry. With agents worldwide, we have the capabilities to move freight to virtually any international and domestic destination. Although our specialty is air, we can move your freight by virtually any mode of transportation, including ocean and ground, depending on the shipping destination, your budget, and deadlines.

Our corporate goal is to provide our clients unmatched customer service, while maintaining the competitive prices demanded in today's international marketplace. Unlike many other forwarders and large shipping companies, we provide the same service level to all of our clients, and the same attention to detail for each and every shipment… big or small. We realize that there is a fundamental problem with some of the larger forwarders; special service is often provided to high volume national accounts, but rarely offered to small or medium-sized accounts. All of us at A.S.A.P. are committed equally to all of our clients.

In addition to establishing positive, long-standing relationships with our customers, we have developed solid alliances with all of our overseas agents and representatives so that you can be assured that someone who cares is always attending to your shipment. We have steadily increased our representation overseas to expand the number of lanes we service.

With the help of our international associates, we have the capabilities of shipping to virtually all major cities in Europe, South and North America. We can also provide immediate access to ports and cities in the Far East and the Pacific Rim. Many of our largest clients rely on us to handle their most difficult shipments to Africa, Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe. Where other forwarders avoid the hassle of handling shipments to more difficult destinations, we welcome the challenge!

With today's advanced technologies, (fax, modem, internet, etc.) we can quickly communicate with business associates worldwide and our customers just as easily as the larger forwarders and shipping companies that once enjoyed the advantages of advanced computer networks and cost-prohibitive telecommunications systems. Our clients are always confident that they can get fast answers regarding the status of their shipments.

A.S.A.P. is focused on long-term growth. When you call or e-mail us for a shipping quotation, we won't low-ball your first shipment just to get you onboard, and then make up for the difference later. We are interested in providing you fair, consistent shipping services from the first day you contact us. There are no surprises as time goes on.

If you're unhappy with your current forwarder for any reason: inconsistent service, pricing, or other, you should consider A.S.A.P.

Or, if you simply want to compare your current carrier to someone else to make sure that your shipments are being handled in the best way, and that you are getting the best service available, call A.S.A.P. at 1-800-613-ASAP. We'll provide you more information about our company, or a price quote for your next shipment

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